How to Tie a Scarf the French Way

As mentioned in 5 Tips to Help You Pack for Paris When You’re Pregnant, when I started to show toward the end of my trip to Paris, all I wanted to wear was a maternity t-shirt and black leggings. I literally wore this outfit for days on end. I was in a rut, but I didn’t want to give up this easy and comfortable outfit. So I decided to add a scarf and wear it a different way each day.

I drew inspiration from the glamorous Parisian women sitting next to me at cafés or sashaying down the avenues. After much practise, I finally mastered three stylish ways to wear my scarf like a French woman.

Check out my video on How to Tie a Scarf the French Way.

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Easy 5-Minute Makeup for Busy Moms

During my pregnancy, I got a lot of compliments on my skin. “You’re positively glowing!” People would exclaim. Little did they know that my secret was my easy, five-minute makeup routine.

I created this quick and easy look when I was pregnant in Paris. And it is still my go-to look now that I’m a busy mom.

So whether you’re a pregnant mama who’d rather sleep in than get up and do your makeup, or a busy mom trying to get your kids ready in the morning, this is the perfect makeup routine for you!

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