Prenatal Yoga in Paris

Prenatal Yoga in Paris, Pregnant in Paris

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For a great prenatal yoga class in Paris, check out Yoga Bija Paris taught by Sharon Bales. Sharon teaches several weekly pre- and postnatal classes at various studios across Paris. Continue reading

The Moment Shit Got Real: The Day I Found Out the Sex of My Baby

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Let me start from the beginning. I was four weeks pregnant, and my mom was in town visiting. A sweet little baby shop at the end of my street was going out of business, and for months I had been admiring these darling, pastel-coloured tutus artfully displayed in the store window. I finally had an excuse to buy a tutu. There was only one problem: I didn’t know whether I was having a girl or a boy.
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10 Foods You Can Actually Eat When You’re Pregnant in Paris

Paris, the City of Light and culinary de-lights….except when you’re pregnant.

If thinking of all the quintessential French foods that are off limits during your pregnancy is making you want to cancel your flight, don’t despair!

I’ve devised a list of delicious French dishes that are safe to eat during pregnancy:

1. Croque monsieur (ham sandwich smothered in gruyère cheese*)

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The Best Kept Secret in Paris: The Saint James Albany Hotel Spa and Pool


Towards the end of my month in Paris, the dull ache in my lower back became harder to ignore, and my legs were starting to feel very sore and swollen from our weeks of walking.

I needed to relieve the pressure my ever-growing belly was putting on my back. I needed to feel weightless. In short, I needed to swim.
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