12 French Pastries You Must Try Before Your Water Breaks


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Photo courtesy of Katrina Turnbull

Now although this post is intended to inform pregnant women of the best pastries in Paris, let me be clear that you don’t technically have to be pregnant to try these French pastries. In fact, I would suggest that you sample a few of these desserts so you can sympathize with what pregnant women have to go through.
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10 Foods You Can Actually Eat When You’re Pregnant in Paris

Paris, the City of Light and culinary de-lights….except when you’re pregnant.

If thinking of all the quintessential French foods that are off limits during your pregnancy is making you want to cancel your flight, don’t despair!

I’ve devised a list of delicious French dishes that are safe to eat during pregnancy:

1. Croque monsieur (ham sandwich smothered in gruyère cheese*)

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Barbone – seriouseats.com

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