Katrina Turnbull is a writer and translator living in Ottawa, Canada. She had the good fortune of spending a month in Paris last fall during her first pregnancy. Katrina is a stylish young mom who enjoys chatting with friends over a pumpkin-spiced latté, making her little muffin man laugh, and dreaming of living in Paris with her husband. She has been called a Francophile by more than one of her French friends, owing to her uncontrollable obsession with the French language and culture.

Katrina 4 months pregnant in Paris posing by La Seine

Katrina, 4-months pregnant in Paris, posing by La Seine.

She had originally tried to convince her husband to take a year’s sabbatical from work, so she could fulfill her dream of living and working in Paris. Never mind the fact that they had just purchased a new home in Ottawa; were renovating it; expecting their first child; and her husband does not speak French (even though she bought him the deluxe version of Rosetta Stone two years ago). She still longed to put her Canadian life on pause to go to Paris. Needless to say, the “year-in-France” idea didn’t fly, so she settled on going for a month instead.

Katrina thoroughly enjoyed her time being pregnant in Paris and wants you to enjoy your time too! This blog is filled with information on how to make the most of your pregnancy in Paris.

Are you pregnant in Paris or want to share your pregnancy experience? Leave a comment, share an article, or connect with Katrina through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or YouTube.

À bientôt!

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