How to Rock a Crop Top After Having a Baby

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After watching the red carpet at last night’s 72nd Golden Globe Awards, it is clear that the crop top trend is sticking around for 2015.

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Most moms might balk at the idea of baring their midriffs in public, especially after having kids. But crop tops aren’t the same ’90’s belly button-popping creations they once were. They can be a chic and unexpected addition to even the most sophisticated wardrobe.

You don’t have to have 6-pack abs or be a size 2 to take on this trend. Here’s how to rock a crop top after having a baby.

Less is more

The trick to wearing a crop top these days is to show only a slim band of skin. Current crop tops hit at the highest part of your waist (just below the ribs), typically the narrowest and most flattering section of your stomach. Pair your top with a high-waisted skirt to cover your belly button (and any problem areas).

Skip the fizz

Whether it’s cola or sparkling water, carbonated beverages can cause excess bloating. So say no to fizzy drinks for at least 24 hours prior to busting out your crop top to keep your tummy toned.

Planks for days

Planks are the absolute BEST exercise you can do to strengthen your core and suck in that stomach. Do these quick plank exercises right before getting dressed to tighten up those tummy muscles and shrink your stomach.

Blaze it up

Still feeling a little self-conscious? Pair your crop top with a blazer for extra coverage (à la Lorde at last night’s Golden Globes). This chic look is perfect for evening attire.

Would you wear a crop top after having a baby? Leave a comment below.

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5 thoughts on “How to Rock a Crop Top After Having a Baby

  1. I second the above. Great tips, indeed. Especially planking. Fantastic core stabilizer. Seeing as I am four months post baby, it really is time I whittle down my middle in time for summer! 😛

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