5 Tips to Help You Pack for Paris When You’re Pregnant

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So you’ve decided to go to Paris during your pregnancy. Huzzah! Allow me to commend you on your excellent decision-making skills.

I was 14-18 weeks pregnant when I spent the month of September in Paris. This is my favourite time of year to visit the City of Light. The weather is a mixture of summer and fall, and it corresponds with la rentrée and le retour des grandes vacances, essentially when families come back from summer vacation and children return to school. It’s really the start of a new year, in my opinion, and there’s a real energy to the city.

Regardless of what trimester you’re in,  you no doubt have many things on your mind and packing for your trip to Paris while pregnant might feel overwhelming. Let me help take some of the burden off your sore pregnant shoulders by sharing my packing tips with you.

1. Pack light

For my month in Paris, I packed only a weeks’ worth of clothing. If you’re going for just a short trip, I suggest taking only three outfits with you (see my graphic below for inspiration). You won’t have to look far to find a laverie libre service (self-serve laundromat) or pressing (dry cleaners) to freshen up your clothes.

A lighter suitcase will also be easier to maneuver if you have to take a train, taxi, or the metro to and from your hotel or apartment. Pregnant women should avoid lifting objects over 20 pounds, especially as pregnancy progresses, to avoid injury and the risk of falling.

I used to always over pack for my trips to Paris and would end up not wearing even half of what I brought. I’d wind up buying loads of new clothes (see Tip No. 5!) and then be stuck with insane excess baggage fees on top of lugging around a heavy suitcase at the end of my trip.

2. Be comfortable

From the moment you step on that plane for your trans-Atlantic flight, you want to be comfortable. Wear flats and light-weight, stretchy clothing. You can always add or remove layers, if needed. I say skip the the maternity jeans and instead get some nice, black leggings (a pregnant woman’s best friend) to pair with some ballet flats. These are staples among Parisian women. You’re more likely to see a Chupacabra walking down the Champs-Élysées than a Parisian woman wearing sneakers. Trust.

Black leggings, white maternity t-shirt, black leather jacket, and a scarf.

Black leggings, white maternity t-shirt, black leather jacket, and a scarf.

When I started to show toward the end of my trip, I had outgrown most of the clothes I had brought with me, and they were no longer comfortable. So I wore this outfit almost every day. Was I concerned that people would notice me wearing the same outfit so often? Not at all, no one knew me in Paris. Did I care if they did? No way! I was too busy being pregnant and eating pastries. Was my husband slightly grossed out? A little… The fact is that this outfit was comfortable, accommodated my growing bump, and was stylish. Enough said.

3. Bring the basics

Do you ever wonder why French women are so effortlessly chic? They seem to have this innate ability to dress up the most basic look with key accessories for a stunning result. Follow their lead and bring basic items that can be mixed and matched and added to easily.

Here’s a photo of three outfits I packed for Paris.

Created using Canva

Created using Canva.

For my day-time looks, I brought a nautical maxi dress with denim jacket, and a pair of white jeans with an emerald green flowy top. For my evening look, I pair a sequined tunic top with black patent leather leggings and a black leather jacket.

With these three basic looks I was able to create endless clothing options simply by adding new pieces and trying different combinations.

4. Pack your most stylish pieces

You probably aren’t feeling the greatest during pregnancy and may need a little confidence boost in the wardrobe department. Bring your most stylish clothing with you to Paris and don’t be afraid to show off your sexy side. That was precisely the inspiration behind De Mois en Moi, a maternity clothing line launched in Paris by Stéphanie Binet and Sidonie Dumoulin, designed to make expecting mothers feel stylish and sexy in their new skin.

Keep in mind that people dress very well in Paris and those who don’t are usually tourists. You’ll get better service from retail and restaurant staff and be less conspicuous to pickpockets if you look like a local.

5. Shop while you’re there!

Have you followed tips one through four and are now freaking out because you don’t have enough to wear? Damn you, Katrina! Don’t sweat it, girlfriend. It’s time to hit the grand boulevards for some retail therapy. Let’s face it, you can’t drink, eat freely, or stay up late when you’re pregnant. So why not splurge on something you can do, like shopping!

Don’t be afraid to shop for your post-pregnancy body while you’re pregnant in Paris. I held back on purchasing some amazing clothes because I wasn’t sure if I’d get my pre-baby body back. The fact is I did, and I regret not buying those special finds.

Were my packing tips helpful for your pregnant trip to Paris? Leave me a comment or share this article with your friends. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.

Check out my upcoming blog post on Where to Shop for Maternity Clothes in Paris.

À la prochaine!


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